Our first Angular 2 Training

by Ernst Nolte  on February 6, 2017

On Thursday 12 January, Geckotech presented its first workshop covering Angular 2.

The workshop is a one day hands-on session during which the participants are guided through a simple project that illustrates the basic features of the Angular 2 framework and provides an easy introduction to the Typescript language.

For this workshop we decided to use Microsoft Visual Studio Code (https://code.visualstudio.com/) as IDE and we were very happy with the results. VS Code is simple, functional and gets the job done without a steep learning curve. It's a great free IDE for developing Angular 2.
We mostly use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition which too features excellent support for Angular 2 and TypeScript.

The workshop was presented by our CTO, Matthijs Bierman, a veteran in web development technologies.

We got good feedback with an overall average score of  4.13 out of 5 (based upon 100% participant feedback).

What some of the participants had to say about the training:

"The way the prerequisite knowledge for working with Angular (e.g. Typescript) was handled, it was possible to follow the workshop completely with little to no prior knowledge of the subject."


"I was very curious about Angular and I liked that almost the whole framework was covered in a nutshell."


"A lot of exercises, helpful instructions, good balance between explanations and practice."


And of course, we also received some feedback to improve which we will certainly take to heart in future workshops:

"We spent a (relatively) long time setting up the necessary tools, maybe next time the attendees could set it up beforehand."


"Make it longer (it needs more than one day to get a better introduction)."


The topics covered were: setup, components, HTTP, REST, routing, forms and validation.
The source can be downloaded from:

In addition to the Angular 2 workshop, Geckotech also provides workshops in Grails web development, so drop us a line if you are interested (ernst@geckotech.nl or matthijs @geckotech.nl)

Finally, if software development is your passion, we are working on some really cool projects and we have vacancies for both front- and back-end developers.
If you want to know more, let me know.



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