The small business marketing stack.

Manceppo is a smart automation solution that integrates multiple existing digital marketing tools to provide marketers with a cloud-based tool for content and profile management. With tailored solutions and programs, Manceppo is the small-business' best friend when it comes to generating and managing leads.

Challenge & approach

The key to marketing communication is sending the right message to the right person at the right moment. Easy to say, hard to follow. With an overwhelming number of marketing tools available out there, and multiple metrics and KPIs to watch, things can get messy really quickly. With this in mind, Manceppo and Geckotech joined forces to build a complete, yet easy-to-use, hub of marketing tools. Be it WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics or LinkedIn, there's an interesting challenge in integrating and, most importantly, bringing the best out of each new tool. Count us in – we love a challenge.


Having a complete view of a company's client base is essential for providing new insights and guiding marketing processes. With Manceppo's user-friendly, straight to the point dashboard, marketers are able to see the big picture of their B2B strategies as well as go deeper into individual contact details and interactions in just a few clicks. Everything’s integrated and catalogued.


Visits, white paper downloads or webinar registrations, every brand interaction counts when it comes to being on point with communication. By implementing powerful if-then-else workflows combined with lead scores based on customizable profile criteria, marketers can trigger actions and automate time-consuming marketing processes.


By combining several apps into an integrated platform, Manceppo gives its users the possibility to modulate functionalities as their business grows. Create landing pages and personalised forms, get insight on visitors’ behaviour, generate and track leads, and much more. Unlimited potential.

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Bob Oord

CEO & Co-Founder

"When it comes to translating a business idea into software that performs well, there are many questions and challenges that have to be considered. In doing so, good communication, short sprints, meeting expectations and brainstorming with the client with regard to challenges, are of great importance. I have experienced the development of Manceppo with Geckotech, as a team effort, where I could rely upon each team member. They are a smart group of people that love to take on complex challenges."

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