The 21CC App.

The essential app for stepping up the game in logistics.

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21CC Education is an e-learning hub for logistics enthusiasts looking for an alternative to grow their career in a more entertaining way. With training materials that range from games to videos to learning modules, the 21CC App is the go-to logistics tool for those who want to expand their knowledge and find new job opportunities.

Challenge & approach

'Skills are the currency of the future'. The 21CC's mission became ours too when we partnered up to help bringing this feature-rich app to life. With the objective of helping logistics workers to add new skills to their toolkits in a light and fun way, we have set a close collaboration between our agile team of developers and 21CC's team of specialists, designers and developers.

Data architecture, gamification, user experience and cross-platform viability are just some of the topics we've tapped so far to help the app grow, sprint by sprint. We're excited for what's next to come!


With hundreds of available materials in different formats, the company-custom content galleries quickly became an important part of the app. Being it playing mobile games, reading PDFs, watching videos, and learning with personalized modules, we worked closely with 21CC's to ensure that everything runs smoothly – before and after users hit the "play" button ;-)


The world of logistics can be very complex. By implementing an interactive map navigation, users can zoom in and out the logistics world to explore and find the contents they need.

Ludo Tieman

Product Owner
21CC Education

"Working with the Geckotech team in the past 12 months has been truly amazing. What started as 'just' a new version of an old app rapidly developed into a massive and robust platform, which can now serve the training needs of many. Ernst and his team have been key in all aspects of building it, shaping it, improving it and elevating it to an entirely new level. Thanks to all!"

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