Goodbye, insurance. Hello, crowdsurance.

Bringing entrepreneurs together and disrupting the insurance world.

SharePeople is not your regular insurance company. In fact, they're a cooperative with a strong, social mission: making sure entrepreneurs keep themselves and their businesses healthy in a fair, inclusive and affordable way. If a peer is sick, other peers help. A very strong network is being created, supported by an increasingly collaborative platform.

Challenge & approach

In a fast-paced market like the fintech industry, reacting to the latest tools and trends requires an ongoing, close partnership and that's exactly what SharePeople and Geckotech have been able to create. By taking an agile approach while keeping a low overhead, we manage to stay at the forefront of fintech development without compromising security and stability – two very important features when it comes to keeping businesses (and, more importantly, people) safe and healthy.


Geckotech built a backend which fully automates the core business processes. By leveraging novel solutions for consumer to consumer payments, making donations becomes a one-click interaction for members and the process is completely automated for SharePeople.

Initially, an integration was created with a bank API. Due to changes in legislation, the introduction of PSD2, this approach no longer fitted SharePeople. Geckotech quickly transitioned to another payment provider: Payaut. By integrating with their C2C payment platform, a solution was created that fulfilled both the needs for users (a one-click solution) and SharePeople (fully automated process), all within a very short time.


Having successfully integrating SharePeople with a new payment provider, our next task was to build a smooth and dynamic onboarding process that helps SharePeople organize their participant database and proves that subscribing to an insurance plan can actually be a simple task ;-)

After going through the onboarding, participants gain access to SharePeople's portal and its dashboard, a responsive platform built to work neatly both on desktop and mobile devices. Via the portal, users can easily keep track of their donation history, customize their insurance plan, effortlessly arrange payments and even invite other peers to join the network.

Rutger Abbink

Founder & CFO/COO

"Very soon after our decision to really start SharePeople back in 2017, we reached out to Ernst Nolte and asked him for help. As such and ever since, Geckotech has been our partner in building, improving and maintaining our onboarding and client management systems.

Geckotech has managed to keep up very well with the vagaries of the ever changing wishes and pivoting of our startup company. I think the key to our cooperation has been twofold. Having clear goals as to where the company wants to go are clearly understood by all Geckotech staff. Secondly, communication lines between SharePeople and Geckotech staff are extremely short. Direct communication between SharePeople and the Geckotech developers ensures that questions are answered quickly and uncertainties are cleared up right away."

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