Material & Logistics Portal

An internal webshop for supplying materials and facilitating logistics.

The VolkerWessels Material & Logistics Portal is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for ordering and managing building materials for construction projects within the VolkerWessels network. From initially setting up a construction site, to supplying additional materials and finally wrapping everything up for the next project, this portal has got everything covered.

Challenge & approach

No week is the same on a construction site, and neither are the tools and materials needed to complete the designated tasks. With multiple projects running simultaneously and dozens of companies under their umbrella, VolkerWessels partnered up with Geckotech to build them an effective solution for moving equipment and resources around. The Portal does the logistical heavy lifting, allowing the real heavy lifting to be done by the builders on site with maximum efficiency.


Browsing third-party vendor catalogues, searching for products using Elasticsearch, checking the inventory of rental equipment, placing orders and many other features are available on this feature-rich Portal that creates the best of webshop experiences.


To guarantee a smooth, seamless user experience, we've implemented a SSO authentication to give easy access to all pre-existing VolkerWessels users. Furthermore, extensive work has been done to support and manage communication between the Portal, the different suppliers and VolkerWessels's own infrastructure.


New reports and useful functionalities are constantly being incorporated into the app as the need arises. This is made possible by an extensible and modular system architecture that allows future enhancements, improvements, and extensions without the need for full redesigns. Just like good builders, we're always finding ways to improve our products.

Jan van Putten

Business Analyst

We've been working with Geckotech for quite some time to develop our Portal. The great thing about Geckotech is that they think along with the development of your company vision. They understand where we want to go as a company. Working together on a project to realize this gives new motivation every day. They do this in a creative, accessible but above all professional way. I look forward to all the beautiful things we can create together!

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